Let’s spell it out; as fashion trends become extreme, the number of catwalk and performance items showing up in the street and events increase – and so do wardrobe malfunctions! Stop the madness!

Men’s style has also changed, in some areas good but don’t we all thank God that showing off your underwear is getting out of style???!

At Ua Zuri we look at Men’s Style and Women’s Accessories. Occasionally we have some good deals going on so subscribe to our mailing list.¬†There is great opportunity to improve your swag – get exceptional style sense and learn to interpret fashion for yourself!

One way to improve your style¬†is learn how to replicate what is working ….wash and rinse till you get it…. Ua Zuri shows you how. Here we give you our two cents worth of style tips and connect you to some good deals. For designers, beautician and all in the fashion industry, we are happy to feature you on this blog. Check out our promotion page.

We love to hear from you so please share with us!!


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